Pulling all your heros out of your hero storage area

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Pulling all your heros out of your hero storage area

Post  Andrenden on Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:32 pm

When your in a chocobo or the turtle you can still change your hero and since your current hero was in the turtle/chocobo they remain there *the trigger unable to stable the hero again*. This leads to the hilarious scenario of being able to pull out all your heros *them being neutral to enemy direct targeting* and using them as walls. Ex; I can surround where eden spawns and be at max range spamming ultima as Sorc's range is further then Edens. Now while normally Eden has a huge aggro radius since he can't move to close the gap you've become "safe". I'm unsure if you can deal more dmg to Eden as a Ultima Spamming Sorc vs using the monk strat with avatar *and elixers/Phonix downs* it does lead to basicly the same exploit Ultima Weapon had with being killable without being vulnerable. I doubt it works on Omega weapon as his blast is basicly a super ultima and would probably kill your hero wall *they don't have the huge stat buffs they do when they are active* but I'm sure other things in the future could be trivallized do to this.

Edit; Was just able to take Eden on Very Easy down from 292413.000 Max health *I triggered him one after another to get a legit reading of total dmg you could do this method* down to 225726.891 without having to move thanks to this. The bug seems to be cause by the spirit of Gaya being able to access the hero swap shop(s). The heros it makes do not fight they just made a wall that you can *with some degree* abuse. Maybe not on timed bosses but surely on others. Omega can counter ultima range with Omega Blast range, So as long as theres a range equal to ultima then it can't be abused to much even if you can't outright fix it.

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