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AI playable! Empty AI playable!

Post  zouqqayz on Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:55 pm

Straight-forward, how about make the AI(computer) are playable and 'alive' ? It sure hard to make them to change jobs and quest by themselves but how about add some commands to AI? I mean, like setting AI doing fighting and other stuff, then we can ask them to change jobs (etc command : Change Other Jobs) then we can ask them to change whatever jobs they can using command (etc squire : -change squire) ..

If you guys can do that, I'm sure the game would be more awesome and more people will like it! And if setting command is hard, how about , make an npc (or buildings) with 'skills' to ask the AI to change jobs or take available quest?

Think about it if all 8 players (include AI) are fighting together using the jobs that we want to ? Sure more fun ,right? What a Face I hope my ideas get into the game!


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