Bug report collection

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Bug report collection

Post  Sworddragon on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:26 am

I have found many bugs after playing some time and wanted to post them here.


  1. Loading a saved game will still result in a crash.
  2. Enemies are sometimes teleported away in battles which causes them to not move anymore and overspawn enemies. Here is already a thread for this.
  3. On teleporting with your spirit enemies are often following you over the complete map (even Echele was running to the northern Gate which makes killing strong enemies usable).
  4. Enemies running into a city are teleported away which causes them to not move anymore and overspawn enemies.
  5. Here is an example of these non-moving/overspawned enemies: https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img541/9449/20130409222914.jpg
  6. The above problem causes enemies to stay in different areas (for example if enemies from Barrens run into Kalm they will be teleported somewhere into Guardia Forest).
  7. You can pull enemies out of their hideout and they are not running back to their original position (for example this makes it extremely easy to kill Ultima Weapon).
  8. On text sequences new enemies can spawn which are able to move and attack you (very problematic solo on Very Hard with normal text speed).
  9. On loading items in your house are deleted.


  1. A lot of skills are not working correctly. The descriptions are talking about wrong values (for example Power Break, Charge, Devine Shield and many more). Due to the massive amount of broken descriptions I recommend to recheck every skill.
  2. Haste from Excalibur is not working as Haste from the Time Mage. Skills from heros and items should be synced (maybe recheck them all).
  3. Demi seems to be broken:
    1. It doesn't work on the Ruby dragon (as I have seen it he is no hero and has no level).
    2. Often it doesn't affect all enemies in range (for example far enemies are affected but closer enemies are ignored).

  4. The Ninja does attack enemies automatically even if he is invisble.
  5. The spirit is resetting its position even if he isn't out of range. I recommend to change the behavior in the following way:
    1. Reset the spirit only if he is too far away from the hero.
    2. If the above is directly not possible calculate on every interval the difference from the hero to the spirit and reset him only if he is too far away.

  6. The Dark Dragon Marsch breaks the current map logic:
    1. The areas were ordered before with increasing difficulty. But the Dark Dragon Marsch is a passage to 2 weaker regions.
    2. The easiest fix would be just to cut the connection to the Farm.

  7. "Subscribe to Kesha" seems to not work if you are dying (otherwise it would maybe too overpowered).
  8. Leviatahn on Naga island is difficult to reach for a melee because he is in the deep water. He doesn't even notice any players that are getting close to him. The only way to pull him into the lower water is to attack a nearby enemy.
  9. After some arena battles the health is restored but not on all. The mana is never restored.
  10. Selling stacks of rare potitions to Fire does count only as 1 potion (for unlocking them).
  11. As I have noticed it seems that Bazaar items are sometimes disappearing and reappearing.
  12. The Bazaar seems also to not have enough space for all items. Maybe it should have an entry to switch to the next site.
  13. The description in the Arcane Observatory does still say that killing enemies gives money. Here is already a thread for this.


  1. There are typos in some texts. I recommend to recheck them all.
  2. The megaelixir has a typo too.
  3. On some items there are inconsistent usages of defence and armor (maybe recheck them all).
  4. The Adamant Armor says it reduces the speed about 75% but only the movement speed is reduced (maybe the description should explicitly say this).
  5. -master seems not always to show the correct values (after getting my first master it has shown 0 masters and 0 ultimate masters).
  6. In "Quests & Info" on the submenu "Very Hard" there is a broken linebreak.
  7. The hints are still talking about Pollama.
  8. The Grand Helmet is missing an armor value which makes it even weaker than a Platinum Helmet.
  9. On buying Medicine on the Bazaar the stack doesn't decrease.
  10. The glyphs that Storm sells are wrong sorted. It counts from 3 to 1. The easiest solution would be to swap the names of Glyph I and Glyph III.
  11. You can buy spirit upgrades multiple times (if you can't prevent this maybe refund at least the money).
  12. Setag can appear in the Barrens and Mountains cup.
  13. Infernal Templar can appear in the Forest and Lothlorien cup.
  14. Setag does revive in the arena but Darianius and Gafgarion doesn't.
  15. Yukale has killed on my session some enemies which forced her to be not on her original spot (there were even items and coins which I could collect).
  16. After killing Yukale the first time she appeared again (so I'm getting 2 times the EXP).
  17. The path finding causes often to run the hero in Kalm into the teleporter if he wanted to go to another position.
  18. In Kalm and the Farm is a neutral Packing Horse which are not immortal.
  19. After Agrias isn't immortal anymore Ramza isn't too. So you can kill Ramza and he doesn't teleport to you if the Shadow Queen is defeated.
  20. After defating the Shadow Queen Ramza appeared (if he was not killed previously) and activated some doppelganger (which wasn't immortal too).
  21. Neutral units with potions which are immortal seems to use them if they are in a fight (but this usage doesn't decrease the stack).
  22. Enemies doesn't react if they are attacked (only getting in their range does aggro them).
  23. The teleporter menu is too big. After unlocking all areas the last is overflowing the menu. I recommend the following:
    1. Just split them horizontally.
    2. If the above is not possible one of the teleporter should be removed. In this case I recommend the shipyard because it is the most useless teleporter.

  24. The Dark Dragon Marsch is in the teleporter menu below the Snowy Mountains but it should be vice versa.
  25. It seems some dragons have splash damage which will hurt other enemies.
  26. Quake materia does affect flying enemies.
  27. The thief gains money even if he misses with a hit.
  28. The Peasant on the Bazaar is cutting the trees which could make another entry to the city (but currently he needs ~24 hours to destroy 1 tree).
  29. On changing the class equipment slots will be sorted if there are equipment gaps.
  30. The water materia from Jack and the Bazaar have different charges.
  31. On loading masters/ultimate masters are given only after ~1 minute.
  32. If "-news entry" contains less then 3 words "Make Own Entry" is complaining that the news must be at least 3 spaces long. Saying "words" instead of "spaces" would be less confusing.

Terrain issues

  1. On teleporting to the red house the hero gets often stuck on different places:
    1. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img705/6761/20130406235136.jpg
    2. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img849/9994/20130409001347.jpg
    3. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img109/8865/20130410073015.jpg

  2. These barrels/chests (with items/coins) are not reachable:
    1. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img585/2349/20130407014530.jpg

  3. Some enemies are getting stuck on different places:
    1. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img23/144/20130408020119.jpg
    2. https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img818/8936/20130409220249.jpg

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Re: Bug report collection

Post  Seegtease on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:45 pm

Good list, very detailed.

Sworddragon wrote:Subscribe to Kesha" seems to not work if you are dying (otherwise it would maybe too overpowered).

I was wondering about this and I think it's just poorly worded. What it actually does is make you at full health/mana AFTER you die rather than having to wait for healing by the house.


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Re: Bug report collection

Post  Kesa_ on Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:44 am

pls fix major no.9 for extra storage. so many items but little slot to save them.

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Re: Bug report collection

Post  Archmystic on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:48 am

Major 9:
the save codes would be too long if it also saved house items. tho 12 item slots are not enough to cover all the cool items so having "2 saves" is possible...

Normal 2:
Not all items/class skills are supposed to be alike.
Holy from Excalibur II is also different from the Holy of Nirvana and then holy of the mage class whose name i forgot.

Normal 6:
It's shortcuts and not really map logic, and the shortcut through farm can be really useful at times.

normal 3:
not 100% sure but i think ruby dragon has resistant skin or alike ability to make it immune to demi.

normal 8:
Samurai can walk on water and most other melee classes just have to cast a spell on him to aggro him to where u can hit him.

minor 5:
-Master is just for saves with alot jobs mastered, instead of having to reload them at the job selector, you just type "-Master" and it loads the mastered jobs for you so you get the correct bonuses. which is to say it actually says "0 masters and 0 ultimate masters left to load"

minor 23:
Shipyard is actually a quite useful area for people that have not gained samurai class yet and need easy access to boats. (also closest teleport to ultimate weapon, leviathan, gafga, kidnapped kid etc)
minor 24:
also in terms of certain logic Dark dragon marsh is supposed to be below snowy mountains. (friendlies)
minor 31:
on loading masters/ultimate masters, just type -Master as explained earlier, instant bonuses.

so wouldnt really call those bugs.


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Re: Bug report collection

Post  Kesa_ on Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:49 pm

Longer save code is not a big deal if you have tool to read it, and it is better than having 2 save codes.

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Re: Bug report collection

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