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Post  Mavs on Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:50 pm

Hey there.

Well, everyone knows that Gil Toss (Samurai) is currently considered as an 'useless' skill. It should be mentioned though, that it's a pretty impressive adaptation from the FF series (at least in FFXII, Gil Toss can deal 10k damage, which is about the same as here, I think). The current problems it has, is that it's not really a good skill by comparison to the rest of the jobs, much less the best one, and it's the only one (I think, maybe there's something I'm forgetting) that comes with a cost. It hasn't happened to me, but I've seen people accidentally use it (can be avoided with normal save and just not getting that skill), lose ~80k gold and get pretty pissed.

One way to go would be to lessen the ammount of gold it takes, or keep the gold cost as it is and increase the damage so it's 'worth' it.

However, my main suggestion would be to drop the skill altogether. As mentioned above, it's not a really good skill and it's the only one -or at least one of the only ones- that comes with a price, making most players avoid using it, and sometimes even going as far as to not play the Samurai, in the off chance that they use that skill and lose gold.

Well then, 'what would you suggest we replace it with?' you ask? Keeping it in the FF technicks, considering it's not an ultimate, made for a melee job, and trying to fit it with the Samurai, my first choice would be Traveler.

Traveler: Deals damage to all enemies in range based on total steps taken. 100% base hit chance.

That's the gist of it. Of course, it could be arranged so that it's not too powerful and it does still deal damage to more than one enemy. Also, I'm pretty sure that a few already existing skills in Wc3 have a similar system so I don't think there'd be too much coding involved.


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Gil Toss (Samurai) Empty Re: Gil Toss (Samurai)

Post  kkeevv on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:58 pm

Yesterday I was leveling characters from Master to Ultimate Master, and I got to Samurai and decided to take on Hades with him. At level 51. Let me tell you, Gil Toss was a godsend against lvl 99 Hades. Oh, and the resulting kill got me from 51 to 99.


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