Ring of legend!

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Ring of legend!

Post  Andrenden on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:11 am

Your tooltip in the bazaar is wrong! It looks like it's describing the Dark Necklace bazaar good but its the Iron Duke ring. <--- The Bug part

Random information I just threw in so won't matter--->How odd... On that note, BOOYA that just happened! 750 life and 400 mana is pretty... low... but 75 of all stats is what dreams are made of! Also if anyone else tries to make one I know one of the ingredients is 1 Aire Tam Enib Moc. I didn't get the ring to pop until well into my game and selling my 4 Combines *I was doing it for money/Warring Triad and it popped, so did the Magic God Token so I assume 3 for Token and 1 for the ring* Also try not to make other legendary stuff, I had to bring up the Wiki and be sure not to create stuff that's known *Like I accidently made a Lion heart so had to farm more Adamantium and new crystals though I don't know if that would have mattered* just something to watch out for as that higher level stuff is a pain in the ass to farm

So um... I'm a wiki idiot, can someone add the ring to the equipment section of the Bazaar for me? I only have the price and 1 of the goods *not sure what it takes otherwise* but it should still be listed right? Price was 250,000 gold 28 crystals and my 1 confirmed item is Aire Tam Enib Moc x1


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