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Magic Damage Reduction

Post  Andrenden on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:28 am

I HIGHLY doubt this is a actual bug and just weird checking error, Adamant Armor has 50% magic reduction, Tiara has 30%, the "bug" here is that it gives me 30% magic reduction until I take the tiara off, in which case I get 50% but if that tiara goes back on it's back to 30%. The Tiara is in the top left slot of my inventory while the Armor is right below that. I'll swap the items and see if I get the 50% while wearing the tiara and post back. This is not the case. Even with the Armor in a higher slot *I even dropped the Tiara before hand to swap* I still only get 30% reduction with both on. Not sure why but I checked it with Omega throwing his icebolt thing, 23999 damage taken when are on, 15000 taken with just the armor *and Zodiac Helm instead of the Tiara but that's not relevant...* its not a bug with a items obviously as the magic damage reduction is correct on both items its just worn together *I assume any would work* it's taking the lowest magic damage reduction value. I might buy absorber and see if the damage is different or if it still does 23999 damage *the 30% reduction number*

Absorber only takes 20099 damage
Tetradic Tiara only takes 23999
Adamant Armor only takes 15000
Tiara and Absorber 20099
Tiara and Adamant 23999
Absorber and Adamant 20099
All 3 20099

This is weird... the 50% Adamant takes effect ONLY when it is your only magic damage reduction *instead of taking effect because its the highest like it should...* yet Tiara with 30% is submissive to Absorber with 33% both of those are priority of Adamant... Also position of the items in my inventory didn't matter I was still getting the reduction that I've posted. If I ever had absorber it was 20099, if I ever had Tiara without Absorber it was 23999 and if Adamant was alone it was 15000


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