Help on getting legendary weapons

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Help on getting legendary weapons

Post  Bhedar on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:10 am

Hi!I was trying to get the "Masamune", so I got the the wikia and searched for it, after I got all the necessary itens, I went to the bazaar and sold everything in order, exactly like the site was saying but I got stuck on the energy crystal part, please help, rly want a good weapon =(

This is the order that I followed

Masamune requires that you sell 2 Dark Crystal, 1 Scarletite and 1 Nethril to the Bazaar:
2 Dark Crystal

4 Flask of Darkness
6 Shadow Stone
6 Enchanted Rock
24 Scroll of Darkness
2 Energy Crystal
2 Power Sphere
4 Hydra Toxin
6 Scarletite*
12 Mine Mineral
6 Wild Soul
6 Nethril
18 Enchanted Rock
12 Barrens Sand


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Re: Help on getting legendary weapons

Post  Andrenden on Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:06 am

Are you selling everything one by one? I know two power crystals creates something and other things may too, I'd retry it and creating the crystals I would put 1 power sphere then 2 toxin and 3 scarletite, buy that crystal and save it, if you chose to get you're other crystal right there the same way then go for it. after that I would gather the stuff for the spoiled crystal, sell those items to create one at a time *just so nothing else gets created* then add 1 crystal and if its dark do the same for the other. Something that happens a lot is if you try to make 2 at the same time the game might see the materials for another pattern instead of 2 of your intended. idk if this is because in the list of recipes it creates the first viable one is finds or what but be very careful. work on 1 recipes exact materials at a time.

For Nethril I go for the 4 enchanted stones 1 Samurai amulet pattern *if you're a thief when you kill Kilrog with Mug 3 its supposedly 100% chance drop*
That creates 2 Nethril right off the bat and If you face him in the Arena he will drop more. For the Crystals like I said just be very careful, one crystal at a time and be sure to sell the materials 1 at a time *it calls for 2 power spheres in total but 2 at once will create mana potions*


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