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Post  Tonnys on Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:18 am

See if I'm correct ...
To give load game, I gotta be playing, then I type "-save" al will appear one scan code. After the scan code appears I print the image and saved in a document as the paint.
Time for me to load game, I have to start a new game and hr as the game starts I have to digitgar "-load + the Codico". Alas, I type the scan code and the scan code is correct will load the correct play?

Ai that is the question  Neutral 
I stayed the whole afternoon trying to get the scan code pro notebook, so I can copy and paste the scan code so I could play and I could not  Sad 
gosh, I LOVE this show and I'm not getting to play, man, I was playing five hours straight and saved the scan code, but I'm not able to transcribe it for the wow, the error always  Crying or Very sad 
if you guys know a more "eficient" enter to get the scan code I would be very grateful


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