Some ideias again XD

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Some ideias again XD Empty Some ideias again XD

Post  Tonnys on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:43 pm

I had some ideas about Phopet and the Sorcerer

Phopet ~> The second skill it only heals allies, she could heal it also

Sorcerer ~> the same goes also stop the Sorcerer, his second skill of giving and healing allies but he did not, and this damage is down: c
The cooldown (guess its just the name) of his skills is very high (okay that it takes much), but exelmplo: if I face a bosss lv 99 before I can again use the spells I'm already dead
and, as it has a bonus of intelligence, the poderers it should be like this: "400 damage + int" and "1000 + int hp healing and guives 500 + int holy damage in a large area" (for example)

PS: (I hope dude understand WHAT I'm talking
I can not speak good English, and at the hour of giving exeplos google kept swapping places, like "1000 + hp int"
I hope it was relevant tips
and thanks for reading)


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Some ideias again XD Empty Re: Some ideias again XD

Post  Zergling_man on Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:52 am

Can I recommend you post further ideas as replies to your thread, rather than making many threads? (Alternately, you can edit your posts, if no-one else has replied...)

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