FFE RPG Mumble Server [Voicechat]

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FFE RPG Mumble Server [Voicechat]

Post  LordSquishyRC on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:59 pm

Hey FFE Community! So to solve this "Find Game" problem. I'm offering a solution. A Mumble server, if you don't know what Mumble is, it's a voice communication system like Ventrillo/Raidcall/Teamspeak/Skype. I offer this because, shout box is a good tool, but it's only as good if the amount of people using it is significant.

Mumble offers two things, it allows players at that moment of time to talk to eachother and establish a game. It also allows players to meet people through a more personal level via Voice.

Steps to get to Mumble
1. Download Mumble at Mumble.com
2. Open Mumble
3. Click Connect and fill out the information as followed

Label: Relentless Conquest
Server Address: RelentlessConquest.Mumble.com
Port: 7335
Username: Your WC3 Username
Password: RCNation

I hope to see you there!

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