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Re: Easy save.....

Post  psxlover on Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:02 pm

Kesa_ wrote:
this is just base on my current understanding of this problem
1-get the save code from the file and store it into a string parameter let say temp.
2-preload this string for every player so they'll have the temp.txt on their drive.
3-proceed the automatic load using this temp.txt
4-now preload blank string save it into temp.txt too, so other players can't see that save code.

That would never work. Since the other players don't have the code using preload to save it on the disk would be useless. If they had the code then saving it on disk, then reading it and then loading it and in the end replacing the file would be stupid since you could simply load the code.

Btw the post you quoted is old... I found a way to send the code a couple days later.

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