Game froze - cutscene bug?

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Game froze - cutscene bug? Empty Game froze - cutscene bug?

Post  qndel on Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:21 pm

Got to Ao Madushi (or whatever his name was) to turn some quest, at the same time I gave greens to his chocobo. Seems these 2 things together broke the game - after cutscene I couldn't move, couldn't do anything, same with other players ...


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Game froze - cutscene bug? Empty Re: Game froze - cutscene bug?

Post  CyCraig on Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:10 pm

The same cutscene bug---where the action bar is black and the hero cannot move at all---happens to me a lot with the recent map (0.9.5) and latest WC3 patch (1.30.4), without handing in two quests at once or any special conditions. It occurs more often when the text speed is set to instant, but I've had it had it happen on text speed 9 too. Talking to Izlude for permission to fight the Brothers a second time with instant text speed seems to trigger this bug consistently.

I usually quit and restart when I encounter this bug but there is a workaround: use the -suicide command (at which point the hero can move but all other units, like the Spirit of Gaia, are still frozen) then hand in a quest or do anything that triggers a cutscene and everything should be back to normal.


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