Chemist's Potion Bug.

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Should the percentage just be increased, or should the potion system be rebuilt?

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Chemist's Potion Bug.

Post  Kain_Xinth on Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:31 am

Even though I call it a bug, it truly isn't. What it is, is a minor mathematical error during creation. 300%-399% nets you the top potion with a chance to get a secret potion, common knowledge. Once the chance is over 400% you CANNOT get the secret potion, and here's where the problem actually begins with this whole scenario.

With Chemist ultimately mastered, you have +150 to all stats. At level 99, your base intelligence is 157. At level 5, you have 100% base chance. The total winds up being 407%, meaning even if you have NO items on at the time, you're already guaranteed to never get those secret potions again. Now I suppose you could just reduce the Chemist's intelligence 8 points, but that's not really a solution to me. I believe the percentages could just be modified to 300%-449%, though Zergling came up with a good idea too. You could change the way the potions work.
Think of it like this, back in the dark ages they had apothecaries (pharmacist shops.) The owner would eventually take on an apprentice, as an apprentice it's guaranteed that occasionally you're going to totally fail at what you were trying to make. Yet it's also possible that you could make something amazing too. Zergling said you could shift everything up 100% and I personally believe it a good idea myself. 0%-99% Potion or total failure with a chance to make the secret potion. Up to 400%-499% would net you an X-Potion with a chance for the secret potion.
The way the secret potion would work, would be every 10% is equivalent to a 1% chance to make the secret potion. Would you get it as a level 1 Chemist? Probably not, but could you? Yes. I think this is more balanced and realistic, is it possible? I have no idea. But I do know that as it stands right now, the Chemist's Create Potion and Create Ether aren't able to produce secret potions once you're level 99.


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