Translate map : v0.9.2 [En] to [zh-TW]

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Translate map : v0.9.2 [En] to [zh-TW]

Post  Rplus on Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:13 am

I have tried to translate this map to Traditional Chinese & make a website to introduce it.

Following are something in the website :
NPC screenshot, Boss's screenshot, job's detail (level limit & skill), items and quest solutions.

Although the words of website are almost in Chinese,
the hyperlink of top navbar (top-menu) is English. ^^"
Maybe you can find something you want.

Translating this map is just for introducting to more people.
Because the dialogues are very interesting for me!

BTW, I had some confusions.

My total level is Lv.1980 (Lv.99*20), and I killed the Eden once with two my friends in Very-Easy-mod,
but the Eden didn't drop the "Mystery Note",
I want to know, is "Mystery Note" the same kid of things with the "Ultima Weapon (Sword)"?
(I mean dropping or not dropping is chance, sorry~ my English is not very well... ^^" )

I wanna know "if" I kill Odin, will he drop any item? ( sword? helmet? armor? or nothing anymore??)


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Re: Translate map : v0.9.2 [En] to [zh-TW]

Post  Zergling_man on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:38 pm

I point you to the Odin thread, or here if you don't want to read what we already have. (I recommend it, it's not actually all that much.)
I will address the things you asked explicitly here though:
I was the source of the rumour about the mystery note dropping from Eden. This is false, it was my mistake.
You won't be able to kill Odin. When you find him, you'll be able to get him as a summon, though that may involve a boss battle. We haven't actually put much thought into this, since speculation is worthless when we could be getting past the current section and finding out for sure.

Now, on to the point of this thread. Since I don't know any Chinese, written or spoken, I'm probably not the most useful for giving feedback. But, I definitely want to give you thumbs-up for doing this. Fan-translations of anything are cool, no matter what. The devs will probably appreciate it too.

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Re: Translate map : v0.9.2 [En] to [zh-TW]

Post  psxlover on Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:19 am

The mystery note doesn't drop from eden, but if I remember killing eden is a requirement in order to get it.

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Re: Translate map : v0.9.2 [En] to [zh-TW]

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