how to get the note

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how to get the note

Post  prime_genx on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:51 am

well first of all you need to complete all 44 quests... including the boco and the stones for the brewmaster... then im not sure if does trigger something but i did it anyway... tame at least one chocobo... then... after defeating eden... go into the northen mountain and slay a good number of evil wizards... of course you need to slay some good number of it coz as what i reviewed from the past threads it only gives you 8% for them to drop it... after getting the note... thats what is pending for a countless number of time... I dont know what to do with it coz it doesnt do anything special... if you read it... it gives the riddle which was mentioned in the earlier threads... if you lay it down... its indestructible... i was thinking about that cross in the snow before you reach hasmallium... is there anything happens with that cross? looks like someone is buried there... thats all i can give... hope you can give me a little more hints what to do with the note.

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Re: how to get the note

Post  psxlover on Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:41 am

Boco and brewmaster are not considered quests, and you don't need to have tamed a chocobo. Also you probably didn't pay much attention to the math classes... 8% is A LOT. It means that by average you only have to kill 12.5 to get the note.
As to what to do when you have it, try deciphering. Now that you know how the riddle was ciphered it should be a lot easier than before (but still not easy enough). By the way I think someone had mentioned what needed to be done after getting the note in the old forum.

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