Bazaar/Shinra/Shadow Stones

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Bazaar/Shinra/Shadow Stones

Post  Killerkujo on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:54 pm

1) Bazaar - I understand the concept but anyone know if you have to sell items in certain order or if theres an item list for how to make them?

2) Shinra - I honestly am stumped on the first part of this quest much less the rest... how do you find this... death seeker?

3) Shadow stones - I did the escort then it said something about collecting them but I've got no clue on how....


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Re: Bazaar/Shinra/Shadow Stones

Post  Mavs on Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:42 am

1) From what I've found, it works like this: say you want to get item 'a'. Item 'a' requires you to sell 2 item 'b' and one item 'c', BUT sometimes item 'b' or 'c' may have other recipes aswell, so if for instance I sell 1 item 'b' and 1 'c' at 10:00 mins into the game, then while I look for the remaining 'b', I sold 20 of item 'd'. If item 'd' had some type of recipe involving 'b' or 'c', then when you finally sell the second 'c' you may not get the item you were looking for, because the other ones will be used to the second recipe. My advice, is that if you're trying to mess around with bazaar recipes you either don't sell anything else, or be completely sure you haven't sold anything that could ruin your recipe.

2) I'm pretty sure I've seen this discussed in a few threads... also, death seeker is kind of the easiest part of it all... I'll give you a clue though, go mess around with Northern Mountain's bosses Wink.

3) Shadow stones can be obtained in 2 ways. There's one that will spawn *somewhere* in the map (always the same place), a few minutes after you get the quest. Not really sure of the timing though, so I'd go with 5-10 to be sure. The other way, is to find out it's recipe for the bazaar. I'm not 100% sure of what it was, but I am pretty sure it involves stony things and dark/shadowy things. Try selling whatever fits that criteria.

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Re: Bazaar/Shinra/Shadow Stones

Post  jeancoek on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:55 pm

i usually get shadow stone from baazar with this recipe :

shadowstone = enchanted rocks + scroll shadows (each item not only 1, but i don't know exact quantity)

for shadow stone spawn, try lurking on barren


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Re: Bazaar/Shinra/Shadow Stones

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